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Interview with Gabriel Thomson

Tuesday, 21. June 2011 15:47

With just a week before our opening show at Blaise Castle, there is an interview with Gabriel Thomson by Natalie Hale in the Bristol Evening News. [ read ]

Tickets are still available for each performance – Thursday 30th June to Saturday 2nd July. [ info ]

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First reviews of Romeo & Juliet in Dublin

Saturday, 4. June 2011 15:49

“Things got off to a rollicking good start on Wednesday night with a bawdy and brazen production of Romeo & Juliet performed al fresco, under the aegis of Neil Sheppeck…”
“….a cracking, handsome cast acquitted themselves remarkably well in what transpired to be a surprisingly feel good affair – mounting body count notwithstanding.”
Gabriel Thomson made for a suitably earnest, conflicted Romeo and found a natural chemistry with Lucy Wray’s defiant Juliet, while laughs came thick and fast courtesy of Sioned Jones’s earthy, lumbering nurse and Joel Sams’ swaggering Mercutio.”
“Little wonder the capacity crowd rose to its feet in applause as the curtains fell…”
Daragh Reddin, Metro-Herald
“A lovely addition was some gregorian-chant style hymns sung off stage by the company not on stage during parts of the play.  Some of the actors also played some (presumably) Elizabethan music while the audience were getting settled and again during the performance to good effect.”
Claire Bradley, Dublin Culture

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London venue and dates

Saturday, 4. June 2011 15:47

GB Theatre Company will be performing in the heart of the capital at Victoria Embankment Gardens on the north side of the River Thames. The gardens are frequently used for musical concerts and date back to the 1620’s. We will be there from Wednesday 3rd to Saturday 6th August 2011 – see venue information and booking details.

Tickets are now on sale – phone 0207 478 0170 or book online.

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2011 Dublin Shakespeare Festival – first night a sell out!

Thursday, 2. June 2011 15:49

The third Trinity College Dublin Shakespeare Festival has now officially opened, and it has certainly kicked off in style. We are very proud to say that GB Theatre Company’s opening performance of Romeo and Juliet sold out.

[ Dublin info ]  Video by Rosanna Mallinson.

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