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Jack Shepherd to direct The Tempest

Friday, 27. January 2012 15:31

We are thrilled to announce that the esteemed actor and director, Jack Shepherd will direct our production of The Tempest. Jack is probably best known for his role as Superintendent Wycliffe in the Police series of that name, this is currently re-running on ITV3. He has a great love of Shakespeare and has directed a number of productions both at the Royal National Theatre and The Globe. We are so pleased that Jack has decided to work with us this year directing The Tempest.

We asked Jack what it was that excited him about Shakespeare’s late play:

The Tempest, tells the story of Prospero, an Italian nobleman, deposed by his brother and cast adrift at sea with his daughter Miranda. In time the boat drifts onto the shore of an uncharted island, where Prospero learns the art of necromancy, gaining power over the elements: Earth, air, fire and water. And when he learns that a boat carrying the men responsible for his exile, is sailing close to the island, he seizes the opportunity to exact revenge.

The play is full of magic… visions, hallucinations, spirits, gods and monsters. Our sense of everyday reality is challenged in every scene, as the events we perceive shift between the possible and the impossible, the tangible and the illusory, the actual and the imaginary; just as it does in our dreams, or in a painting by William Blake.”

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