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The Comedy of Errors at Spinningfields, Manchester

Saturday, 19. July 2014 10:39

4 star review from Manchester Evening News:

“The performance of the night was Mia Keadell‘s unstintingly chirpy Dromio (above), while Jonathan Mulquin (below) also maintained an impressive fever pitch of farcical incredulity as Antiphones of Ephesus.”

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Review of Twelfth Night at Arundel Castle

Wednesday, 31. August 2011 15:35

Excellent review by Gary Shipton in the West Sussex Gazette:

Chris Porter’s formidable and mesmerising portrayal of Malvolio will ensure that once again GB Theatre Company’s production is as memorable as it is hilariously entertaining. Chris’s was a visual rendition worthy of Rowan Atkinson at his best.
I have gone on record at previous Arundel Festival’s saying that GB has reinvigorated Shakespeare’s works like no other modern touring company. Everything in this production confirmed that view.
GB has the skill to discern the visual comedy and extract it from the dialogue – ensuring that even those who considered Shakespeare a dusty postscript in the literary archive are awakened to the enormous fun that his writing contains.
David Davies is the company manager but also, as ever, brings enormous energy and vitality to the whole proceedings.
In this great pursuit he is most ably supported by the likes of Oliver Cudbill, Suzannah Hampton, Philip Scott-Wallace, Lucy Wray, Mark Carlisle, and Sioned Jones. Special praise for stage manager Martin Hutchinson who stepped so worthily into the role of Sir Andrew Aguecheek following illness within the company.
[ Full review ] Photo: Romeo & Juliet at Arundel Castle by Martin Duncan

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Review: Twelfth Night at Norwich Cathedral

Friday, 15. July 2011 15:41

James Goffin’s (Eastern Daily Press) review of the Twelfth Night said “Suzannah Hampton impressed as Olivia, switching between lamenting and lovestruck as she fell for the cross-dressing Viola (a disarmingly boyish Lucy Wray).

Chris Porter delighted as the much-wronged Malvolio – even in a slightly terrifying Borat-like costume – and David Davies and Joel Sams added a uniformly slapstick note as the misbehaving Belch and Aguecheek.”

Photos: Chris Hopkins. Additional photos are on the Gallery page.

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Review: Romeo & Juliet at Norwich Cathedral

Wednesday, 13. July 2011 15:42

Under the direction of Norwich-born Neil Sheppeck, the Bard’s story of the brawling Capulets and Montagues is taken back to basics – the set is minimal, the emotions palpable and the sword-play thrilling.

Not long out of drama school, Lucy Wray plays Juliet. A star in the making, her performance was wonderfully sparky – one of the most engaging portrayals of the character, who can sometimes be a bit one-dimensional, I’ve seen.

Her Romeo – and the pair has a great chemistry – is played by Gabriel Thomson. He grew up on screen playing Michael Harper in the long-running BBC sitcom My Family and effortlessly makes the transition from screen to stage.

While the star-crossed lovers take centre stage, special mention must be made of Joel Sams, who plays Mercutio – no entendre is knowingly underplayed, Sioned Jones as the scene-stealing Nurse and Oliver Cudbill, who plays Benvolio.

Emma Lee, Eastern Daily Press

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Review: Romeo & Juliet at Reading School

Tuesday, 12. July 2011 15:43

“It’s a popular play, but somehow, even after many hours of studying it at school, and seeing it performed at least five times, this production brought the characters to life and made the language so much clearer and easier to empathise with – partly because the actors, including Gabriel Thomson as Romeo and Lucy Wray as Juliet, clearly knew the text inside out.
Juliet, in particular, was a joy to watch, with Lucy embodying the pouty, still-immature young woman of Shakespeare’s creation, younger and cheekier than she is often played – a perfect counterpart to Gabriel’s lovestruck, confused and frustrated interpretation of Romeo.”  [ more ]
Liz Crosthwaite, Reading Chronicle

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Review: Romeo & Juliet at Bristol

Sunday, 3. July 2011 15:45

The performance itself was polished through and through, perfectly capturing the angst of the young lovers and the depth of hatred between their two families that gives the tale its foundations.

The lustful bawdiness of Romeo’s young friends danced across the stage ahead of the heartbroken melancholy of the tragic couple, and Gabriel Thomson and Lucy Wray perfectly infused Romeo and Juliet with the conflicting emotions at the centre of their woe.

The lusty, thrusting humour of the dazzling Mercutio (Joel Sams) was tempered beautifully by the torn Benvolio (Oliver Cudbill), and the strength of the ensemble cast set Blaise Castle alight with Shakespeare’s 400-year-old words, giving them new life.

“The finest place in England”? On an night like that, who would question it. 9/10
Dominic Harris, Bristol Evening Post

Photo: Chris Hopkins

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