Review: Romeo & Juliet at Bristol

The performance itself was polished through and through, perfectly capturing the angst of the young lovers and the depth of hatred between their two families that gives the tale its foundations.

The lustful bawdiness of Romeo’s young friends danced across the stage ahead of the heartbroken melancholy of the tragic couple, and Gabriel Thomson and Lucy Wray perfectly infused Romeo and Juliet with the conflicting emotions at the centre of their woe.

The lusty, thrusting humour of the dazzling Mercutio (Joel Sams) was tempered beautifully by the torn Benvolio (Oliver Cudbill), and the strength of the ensemble cast set Blaise Castle alight with Shakespeare’s 400-year-old words, giving them new life.

“The finest place in England”? On an night like that, who would question it. 9/10
Dominic Harris, Bristol Evening Post

Photo: Chris Hopkins

Date: Sunday, 3. July 2011 15:45
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